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3 Savages Arrested After Cops Find 4 Children And 41 Dogs Living In Unsanitary Conditions

Devils from left to right: Jack Vandeventer, Robert Hulsey and Nola Vandeventer

The Shasta County District Attorney's Office filed four counts of child endangerment Friday against two white males and a white female who were arrested this week at a mobile home park off Lake Boulevard in north Redding.

The felony charges were filed against Jack Vandeventer, 43, Nola Vandeventer, 40, and Robert Hulsey, 36, the DA's office said on its Facebook page.

The filthy white trio from hell were due to appear in Shasta County Superior Court for a Friday afternoon arraignment and the possible setting of a preliminary hearing.

Redding police went to the Oakwood Mobile Home Park on Wednesday afternoon to check on the condition of several children who were reportedly living in poor conditions, officers said.

The DA's office also said that police were told of a possible electrical problem in a trailer.

Officers determined the filthy condition of the residence was a threat to the four children's health. The Shasta County Department of Children and Family Services took the four youths, ranging in age from 9 to 17, into protective custody.

Police found 41 dogs living at the residence, which had feces on the floors. Animal control officers responded and took custody of the dogs.

Officers said the three nasty savages told them they were responsible for the custody and care of the youths, and were home-schooling them. But police said they didn't find any evidence of home-schooling.

"All four children appeared academically behind for their ages," police said in a statement.

Police said the children had shit on their feet, which officers believe came from the dogs living inside the home. A total of seven people were living in the residence, police said.

Officers also said they saw rat, roach, ant and fly infestations. A water leak and makeshift wiring also were discovered.

Police said rats had gnawed electrical wiring and bored holes in the subfloor.

"Makeshift wiring in open electrical boxes were strewn about the residence," police said, adding: "There was a water leak which saturated the residence to include the ground extending to several plots on each side of the residence."

Source: https://www.redding.com/story/news/2020/09/04/child-endangerment-charges-filed-against-redding-trio/5721724002/

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