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70-Year-Old Former Teacher Arrested On Sexual Battery Of A Boy

*Hat Tip: Phillip King

Devil: Keith Odell Peterson

A 70-year-old former Nampa teacher has been arrested by police on accusations he inappropriately touched a boy, according to the Nampa Police Department. 

Keith Odell Peterson was arrested Monday and charged with one count of lewd conduct with a minor under 16 and sexual battery of a minor. 

Detectives received more information during the investigation he may have had inappropriate contact with another child. Peterson was a teacher in the Nampa School District several years ago, according to police. The child in this case is not a former student of this faggot. 

Based on this information and this pedophile's access to children, police are concerned there may be more victims. 

If anyone with information on possible victims can contact Nampa Police at 208-465-2257. 


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