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73-Year-Old Pedophile Arrested After He Was Caught On Surveillance Video Fondling A 3-Year-Old Girl

Devil: Larry Grafton

A 73-year-old Iowa pedophile boasting an eye-catching Salvador Dali-inspired mustache has been charged with molesting a three-year-old girl. 

Police in Des Moines on Friday arrested Larry Wayne Grafton on a charge of lascivious acts with a child. 

According to the Polk County Jail's arrests database, the diabolical sex terrorist was booked shortly before 11am Friday and released the following evening after posting $50,000 cash bond.

The child molester is seen in his mugshot with his meticulously pomaded and curled silver mustache on full display.

A criminal complaint filed in the case, and cited by Des Moines Register, states that the child rapist was caught on surveillance video fondling the toddler victim's vaginal area last Tuesday.

The girl's father reviewed the footage and saw the white beast sitting on a couch with his daughter on his lap.

According to the filing, before sexually touching the toddler, the monster looked down the hallway and around the room to make sure no one was looking.

When the girl's mother entered the living room, the pedophile abruptly stood up from the couch, according to the document.

The complaint does not say what is the child molester's relationship to the child and her parents.

the white devil was barred from contacting the victim and he is due back in court on December 18.

According to his social media accounts, the 73-year-old is divorced and at one time worked as a glazier. 

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6479911/Man-73-arrested-charged-lascivious-acts-three-year-old-girl.html

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