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A Couple Of Savages From Broomfield Arrested On Sexual Assault On A Child

*Hat Tip: Phillip King

Devils: Curtis Dimarco and Sherry Dimarco

A man and woman from Broomfield were arrested Thursday by police in Boulder on multiple charges including sexual assault on a child and other serious charges.

Curtis Dimarco, 29, and Sherry Dimarco, 31, who used to live in Louisville but moved to Broomfield, were both arrested on warrants associated with the investigation in the 5600 block of Arapahoe Road in Boulder, police said in a news release Friday afternoon.

Curtis faces 28 felony charges in the case, including sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, sexual exploitation of a child among others.

Sherry faces six felony charges in the case, including some of the aforementioned charges that Curtis faces.

The affidavits for their arrests were not released Friday, so further details about the allegations and what led to the charges was not immediately available.

Louisville police ask anyone with information about the two sex terrorists or the investigation to contact Louisville Police Detective Barrett Odenbach at 303-666-8634.

Both child molesters are being held at the Boulder County jail.

Source: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/crime/man-woman-in-broomfield-arrested-on-sexual-assault-on-a-child-incest-charges