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A Naked Becky From Ukraine Carried The Severed Head Of Her Daughter In A Plastic Bag Down The Road

Devil: Tatiana Pyanova & Kristina Pyanova

Police are seeking to understand how a ‘loving mother’ was found naked in a street with her daughter’s severed head in a plastic bag.

Tatiana Pyanova, 38, a cleaner from Ukraine, “would move a mountain” for her only child, Kristina, 13, said a close friend.

The diabolical white mother was detained early this morning in Kharkiv city with a knife in one hand and a plastic bag containing the severed head of her teenage daughter in the other.

Reports say she threatened police with a knife.

The body of her wretched daughter had 20 stab wounds in the macabre lockdown killing, say reports.

A video shows the ruthless killer naked on a city road as police officials and patrol cars surrounded her.

Another shows her in court when she was remanded in custody.

Appearing confused and denying her identity, she told journalists: “I do not want to communicate, leave me alone.”

Her brother Anton, 40, from Podvirki village, had called police to report that he had found the beheaded body of his niece in a house they shared.

The uncle said the killer had a job as a cleaner and while the family was “poor”, the girl was not socially deprived.

The family seemed “happy” and she was a “loving mother”, said locals.

There were no strange noises last night when Kristina is believed to have been killed, they said.

The evil witch was detained by police, and a court later remanded her in custody pending a murder investigation.

The demon bitch and her daughter's severed head

An unnamed woman described as the dead girl’s adoptive grandmother said: “I don’t believe that Tatiana could do that, I don’t believe it.

‘She is a great mother, she would move a mountain for her daughter. Something must have happened in the house. They must have drugged her or something, she couldn’t do that.”

A neighbor said the mother was “normal” adding: “The girl was cheerful, good, went to school. What can I say?”

A law enforcement statement said: “When they arrived at the scene, police found a citizen in an inadequate condition.

“In one hand she held a knife, in the other a package containing a severed female head. The woman refused to explain anything to police officers.”


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