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American Couple Charged With Child Trafficking, Torture Of Ugandan Foster Son

Racist Devils: Nicholas and Mackenzie

A racist American couple could hopefully face the death penalty after Ugandan prosecutors allege they engaged in child trafficking and torture while caring for a foster child in the country.

Nicholas Spencer and his evil wife Mackenzie Leigh Mathias Spencer, both 32, were detained by Ugandan authorities on Dec. 9 on charges of aggravated torture after they kept their 10-year-old foster non-white son in a small, cold room without clothes and abused him for two years between 2020 and 2022.

Court documents presented by prosecutors claim that the diabolical white couple also outfitted the room with cameras to monitor his “stubbornness” and “hyperactive behavior.” The boy went to a school for children with special needs.

Police say that they were alerted to the abuse by a worker at the couple’s home in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and that they found the CCTV footage from the cameras.

“Our team of investigators established, that the couple kept the victim barefoot, and naked throughout the day, would occasionally make him squat in an awkward position, with his head facing the floor and hands spread out widely, he spent his nights on a wooden platform, without a mattress or beddings and was served cold meals from the fridge,” Kampala police wrote in a statement.

“We believe, the victim could have endured more severe acts of torture, away from the camera,” it added.

The racist monsters pleaded not guilty to the aggravated torture charge, but a new charge sheet presented on Wednesday shows that the couple has been additionally booked for “aggravated trafficking in children.” They have not yet entered a plea for this charge, which carries the death penalty if convicted.

The court document alleged that the racist couple “recruited, transported and maintained” the foster child “for the purpose of exploitation.”

The racists/white supremacists had two other foster children, according to prosecutors and Kampala police, who have since been removed from their care and are now under police protection.

Kampala police spokesperson Patrick Onyango claimed the couple from hell used the foster children to solicit money from donors.

It’s not clear what the Spencers were doing in Uganda because they didn’t have work permits, he said.

The law allows foreigners in Uganda to have foster children, Onyango added.

A lawyer for the couple, who was not identified, was quoted by Ugandan newspaper the Monitor as dismissing the case as a “fishing expedition” by authorities, saying they had no evidence. She was quoted as saying the new charge “doesn’t make sense.”

On Wednesday the U.S. Embassy in Kampala declined to comment on the latest charge. Last week it told Reuters it was aware of reports of the arrest and detention of two U.S. citizens in Kampala and was monitoring the situation, but had no further comment due to privacy considerations.


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