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Australian Who Repeatedly Raped A 5-Year-Old Non-White Girl Has Been Jailed For More Than 10 Years

*Hat Tip: Phillip King

Devil: Terrence William Hainsworth

An diabolical Australian pedophile who spent years raping a young Filipina child while living in Angeles City has been jailed for more than 10 years under Australia’s child sex tourism laws.

Terrence William Hainsworth, 61, was first jailed in 2009 after authorities found a cache of child porn on his computer when he flew into WA the year before.

But today, it was confirmed that the racist white pedophile had also acted on his depraved interest in young girls at least four times, with a girl aged just five when his attacks began.

Those assaults occurred over three years between 2005 and 2008.

They involved the girl being groomed by being made to watch child porn, and then threatened after being abused.

And as police discovered in 2016, when they raided the child rapist’s home in Perth, they also involved taking pornographic pictures of the youngster – some of them on her eighth birthday, stored on a hard drive alongside snapshots of her with a birthday cake.

Police charged the sex terrorist under the Commonwealth laws which allow Australian citizens who leave the country and engage in the sexual exploitation of children to be tried and convicted back home.

When interviewed by police, the former train driver originally denied the offending.

But he eventually pleaded guilty to six charges, which prosecutors said was a “very late recognition of the inevitable” given pictures existed of some of the abuse.

Judge Wendy Gillan told the racist sex criminal that his abuse of the girl was still having a lasting effect on her, 10 years after it had occurred.

“You took the most terrible advantage of her,” Judge Gillan said.

And she also said it appeared the white devil had learned nothing from his previous child porn conviction, given he had dozens of disgusting images on hard drives when police came calling again.

Judge Gillan sentenced him to two years for the child porn, and a total of nine years for his abuse of the girl. He will have to serve at least six years before he is considered for release.


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