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Becky Shoots Fiancé In The Dick, Then Falsely Accuses Him Of A Crime

Devil: Stephanie Ruth Brown

A 36-year-old becky was arrested southeast of Las Vegas on Thursday after shooting her fiance multiple times in his dick, according to police. She then went on to falsely accuse him of a crime.

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office received a report of a shooting in Kingman, Arizona, around 1:00 p.m.

The call regarded a white female shooting a male in his "lower torso" area.

Deputies made contact with the becky, later identified as Stephanie Ruth Brown, who admitted to shooting the man, identified as her 54-year-old fiance.

The victim was found in the residence with multiple gunshot wounds in his "lower extremities," according to the sheriff's office.

The ugly terrorist told deputies that she had videos of her fiance committing a crime, which she confronted him about. She said that's when she shot him.

Detectives responded to the scene and conducted a search warrant. Once the scene was processed and the videos were reviewed, there was no crime revealed as the becky had reported.

The bitch was taken to the Mohave County Adult Detention Facility.

The fiance was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center where he underwent surgery. His wounds appear to be non-life threatening, according to deputies.


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