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Brother Attacked Child Molester After Witnessing Sexual Assault On 7-Year-Old Girl

Devil: Patrick J. Comiskey

A boy saw a 20-year-old white terrorist had his hands down the boy's sister's pants Oct. 19, so he followed the sex terrorist upstairs and hit him in the head with a metal bottle, court records state.

Patrick J. Comiskey Jr., 20, ran out of a Gary home after the 12-year-old boy struck him and was arrested by police, who found the child molester walking in the area of 25th Avenue and Clark Road, according to court documents.

The pedophile was charged Wednesday in Lake Criminal Court with four felony counts of child molesting.

A Lake Criminal Court magistrate entered not guilty pleas on his behalf during his initial appearance Friday and appointed a public defender to represent him, records show. The 7-year-old girl told police the sex criminal liked to wrestle with her and blow on her stomach. She said the white devil began fondling her about two weeks before her brother hit the child rapist and chased him out of the house, court records state. The 12-year-old boy told police the white savage was wrestling with his sister on a bed while they were covered with a blanket.

The blanket fell off because of the movement of the bed, and the boy could see the pedophile sexually assaulting the girl, records allege.

The boy said he was angry and followed the pedophile upstairs to get a "good clean hit," because he didn't want to hurt his sister, documents state.

When police found the sex criminal walking, he said, "We were play wrestling. They took it the wrong way."

The child molester was being held Friday without bail. His formal appearance and bail hearing were set for Monday, online court records showed.


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