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Brutish High School Basketball Standout Accused Of Sodomizing Teen In Daylong Attack

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Devil: Jacob Walter

A 7-foot-tall sex terrorist, 300-pound college basketball prospect from Kentucky was arrested for raping and sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman in a daylong attack, according to local reports.

Jacob Walter, 18, the son of former NFL Bengals player Joe Walter, met up with the young woman at a house on Tuesday, but she told him she did not want to have sex with him because she was not feeling well, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

She was also scared of him because of his “size, strength and aggressiveness,” she later told police.

The brute, who once had a basketball scholarship offer from Xavier University, ignored the woman’s demurrals and savagely sodomized her twice throughout the day while holding her down and pulling her hair, the Enquirer reported.

“It did occur throughout the majority of the day beginning in the morning hours and ending in the evening hours,” a Boone County sheriff’s official told the local NBC affiliate. “They were amicably together, but she did not want to have any kind of sexual contact with him that day.”

The victim suffered bruising to her right arm, her right breast and a cut on her chest during the attack. The sodomite shamelessly laughed at her and told her she’d be fine.

The woman was able to report the assault to police after she got in touch with a family member who convinced the terrorist to leave her alone, according to the report.

After leaving, the white devil texted and called the woman to apologize.

He was arrested in Boone County on rape and sodomy charges Tuesday night, according to the reports. He appeared before a judge Wednesday morning and was ordered held on $250,000 bail.

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