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Child Molesters Charged After Kids Found Living In Home Infested With Roaches, Maggots and Shit

Devils: Haywood Gainey Jr. and Melissa Ann Ridgely

A Darlington County white couple were charged after children were found living in a home infested with cockroaches, maggots, and pet feces, according to deputies.

Deputies responded Friday to a home on Stanley Circle in Darlington for a welfare check on three children. When deputies arrived with the Department of Social Services, Haywood Gainey, Jr., ran out of the home with one of the children and closed the door, according to an incident report.

Officials told Gainey they needed to see all three children due to allegations made against him and Melissa Ridgely, according to the report. Ridgely brought the other two children outside who were dirty and half-dressed.

The children, aged 1, 3, and 4, appeared to have bug bites and to not have been bathed in a while, according to deputies. Deputies then entered the home and smelled an odor of garbage and spoiled food.

The kitchen was blocked by bags of garbage and there was a gallon of milk on the counter that appeared to have been there for several weeks, according to the report. There was also dirt, trash, and animal feces on the floor.

Officials reported there were roaches and bugs all over the walls and furniture.

Officials said the home was unfit for anyone to live in. The children were signed over to DSS custody and will be placed in foster care, according to the report.

Gainey was also accused of sexually assaulting a child between December 2019 and February 2021, according to arrest warrants.

Gainey was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and multiple child abuse charges. Ridgely is also facing multiple child abuse charges.

Both are held in W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center as of Monday evening, according to booking records. Gainey’s bond is set at $30,000 and Ridgely’s is set at $9,000.


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