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Couple Of Savages Accused Of Hiding Abused Child In Laundry Washer From The Police

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Devils: Taylor Ainsworth and Cody Wayne

Police say an ogress and her diabolical boyfriend hid her 9-year-old child in a washing machine when police were called to investigate child abuse.

According to authorities in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Taylor Ainsworth, 23, and Cody Wayne Hudson, 29, are accused of injuring the woman's son. Ainsworth's sister called police on the couple of savages.

The police department said officers went over to the couple's home where four children, including the injured boy, lives. The couple, they say, gave officers the run-around and told them the boy was somewhere else.

Officers were about to leave the home when they found out the child was actually still there, according to documents. Police were able to find the boy underneath a blanket inside the washing machine. Police believe the couple told the boy to hide and threatened him to stay quiet.

"To put clothes in front to try to hide him, so the police can't find him, and threaten him if he says anything, it's just very sad," said Assistant Chief Sid Porter, of Midwest City police.

The couple of demons was arrested. Their bond was set at $10,000 each.

State authorities removed the boy and the three other children from the home.

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