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Crackhead In Chief Hunter Biden Could Face Sex Trafficking Charges

Prosecutors may have a case for federal prostitution offenses against Hunter Biden, according to documents, texts and videos that show he spent a staggering $30,000 on escorts in a five-month period.

The racist president's son wrote checks to a Ukrainian woman whose transactions were red-flagged by banks for suspicious activity, documents reveal.

A Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filed by JPMorgan Chase named Florida and New York-based Ekaterina Moreva after she received tens of thousands of dollars from Hunter's company and women who the First Son paid for sex.

Texts from Hunter's iPhone also show him handwriting checks disguised as medical services to escorts supplied by Moreva, whose website offers a 'girlfriend experience' with prostitutes as young as 20.

Some of Hunter's hooker payments came just hours after he received thousands of dollars from his father.

Videos and pictures show the crackead in chief helping transport those prostitutes over state lines for a debauched night with him – a potential federal offense.

The material has been in the FBI's hands since December 2019, raising the prospect that its investigation into Hunter could lead to charges over his dealings with prostitutes – though experts say prosecutions over prostitution charges alone are rare.

The president's crackhead son is currently the subject of a federal investigation which is reportedly examining potential tax crimes, money laundering and illegal foreign lobbying linked to his overseas business dealings.

The crackhead in chief and the women made sex tapes of their night of debauchery. Here is a screen grab from the video of a naked Hunter

The SAR, leaked to the anti-corruption nonprofit Marco Polo and obtained by, says 'student' Anna Dekhtiar from Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, received $274,873 between November 2018 and March 2019 with 'no clear, legitimate economic purpose'.

The SAR said the money was received from eight senders including Hunter's company Owasco, P.C.

Two of the women listed as depositing the large sums in Dekhtiar's account are also in text messages on Hunter's laptop, and appear to be hookers he hired.

Some of the cash was then sent on to Moreva, who the crackhead in chief used to facilitate many of his sordid nights with prostitutes.

One depositor named in the SAR was a woman the crackhead filmed on his iPhone in January 2019, claiming that he gave her $10,000 and asking if he hurt her.

Another is a woman Hunter paid $2,400 on Venmo for an 'art consultation' and a further $200 for 'packaging and shipping' in October 2018.

In Hunter's text conversations with Moreva, she refers him to a website called, which advertises 'models' who can give clients a 'girlfriend experience' in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Chicago, London and Paris.

Women on the site are pictured in skimpy lingerie or semi-nude.

The site says it has employees in Ukraine, and some of the women Hunter hired through Moreva have Ukrainian names.

UberGFE has a page saying it supports Ukraine in its war with Russia and provides cryptocurrency addresses for visitors to donate to alleged charitable funds.

Hunter texted photos to Moreva showing he mailed checks to prostitutes for thousands of dollars from his joint account with his ex-wife Kathleen, who divorced him in 2017.

Hunter falsely wrote on some of the checks that they were for 'Blue Water Wellness', the name of a rehab therapy center he used.

The center has nothing to do with his dealings with prostitutes.

Hunter's spending on escorts totaled more than $30,000 between November 2018 and March 2019.

Some of the money may have unwittingly come from his racist father.

Texts from January 2019 revealed by the Washington Examiner last month show Joe Biden sent Hunter $5,000 just hours before he got into a dispute with a prostitute he claimed he paid $10,000.

When Moreva followed up with Hunter over his escort debts a month later, he texted her that he was having trouble sending money because the payments had raised a 'red flag' with his bank due to the recipient's Russian email address.

'Email with .ru flags wires,' he wrote. 'This is too much red flag for bank. Which is reason why I have been unable to take care of this to begin with.

'It's what got my accounts frozen and reviewed by bank.'

Documents on the laptop show Hunter the crackhead asking Moreva which girls were available for 'fun' on December 11, 2018 when he stayed in a $700-per-night suite at the Roxy hotel in New York's Tribeca area.

He then booked Amtrak train tickets to transport three prostitutes from Boston to New York.

Videos the women sent to Hunter show them on the train, and a later video shows Hunter and the three women having sex and filming it with his laptop and an iPad.

A month before the tryst the crackhead in chief sent one of the women $1,000 via the app Zelle, emails on his laptop show.

If Hunter transported prostitutes across state lines for sex he may be open to accusations of violating federal prostitution laws.

Title 18, Section 2421 of the US Code, also known as the Mann Act, says: 'Whoever knowingly transports any individual in interstate or foreign commerce, or in any Territory or Possession of the United States, with intent that such individual engage in prostitution, or in any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.'

Former New Jersey prosecutor Mitchell Epner, an expert in sex trafficking and prostitution cases, told reporters that Hunter's hiring of prostitutes from Massachusetts to New York 'might be a Mann Act violation', but that prosecutors rarely brought a case over such crimes unless it was combined with other charges.

'Simple interstate travel for purposes of prostitution, absent coercion or underage victims, would narily be something that federal prosecutors, as a matter of discretion, would decide to prosecute,' said Epner, now an attorney at Rottenberg Lipman Rich.

'For example in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial they did bring Mann Act charges but that was in conjunction with sex trafficking charges,' he said.

Former Treasury special agent and money laundering probe expert John Cassara told reporters that SAR reports involving Hunter and his companies will likely have been examined by federal law enforcement who are reportedly investigating the president's son for potential money laundering offenses linked to his overseas business dealings.

'Given Hunter is under federal investigation, they may have queried the SAR database. The feds have access to this information,' Cassara said.

'Whether it's the FBI agents or others working with the AUSA [Assistant United States Attorney], one of the very first things they would do would be to query the financial intelligence database.

'Millions of SARs are filed every year. So just because a SAR is filed doesn't necessarily mean it's going to get investigated. But something like this, with the person involved, definitely should have received some attention.'

Former FBI agent Dennis Lormel said an investigation into the hooker payments would likely focus on the person supplying the prostitutes, but could ensnare Hunter as a john.

'From a federal standpoint, he would be caught up, but I would be looking more at the apparent madam and making a case against her and expanding that,' Lormel told reporters. 'I would then go back and look at what he did.

'If he is transporting them across state lines, there may be something there that they can go after.

'Despite what the SAR might say, or what the speculation can be, you have to prove beyond reasonable doubt in court. And it's unlikely somebody like Biden is going to take a plea agreement. And you can rest assured he's going to have the best lawyers money can buy.'

Hunter was reportedly embroiled in a human trafficking probe by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), after material from his laptop was first made public.

A senior special agent assigned to the federal agency's sex trafficking and child exploitation group in New Jersey contacted Delaware State Police in October 2020, asking about 'Hunter Biden allegations that may have a nexus to New Jersey.'

'My name is [redacted]. I am Senior Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent In Charge, Newark, New Jersey. I am assigned to the Human Sex Trafficking/Child Exploitation Group,' the email said.

'I am looking for a point of contact from the Delaware State Police in furtherance of the Hunter Biden allegations that may have a nexus to New Jersey. Please forward my information to the appropriate section looking into the allegations.'

The email was obtained by Vice News from a Freedom of Information Act disclosure last April.

Hunter's lawyer, Chris Clark, told them at the time: 'There is absolutely no investigation ongoing on these fabricated matters.'

A spokesperson for the federal agency told Vice: 'HSI routinely coordinates with state and local law enforcement agencies' and declined to comment on 'the existence of any ongoing or potential investigation'.

A Senate report released in September 2020 claimed that Hunter sent 'thousands of dollars to women with ties to Eastern European prostitution and sex trafficking rings' while father Joe was overseeing US policy in Ukraine.

The joint report by the Senate homeland security and finance committees said the then-VP's son 'paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an ''Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.''

The Senate committees said they had documents which 'confirm that Hunter Biden sent thousands of dollars to individuals who have either: 1) been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; 2) an association with the adult entertainment industry; or 3) potential association with prostitution.'

'Some recipients of those funds are Ukrainian and Russian citizens,' the report added.

Hunter’s lawyers did not respond to reporters' request for comment.

Republican Kentucky congressman James Comer, who plans to lead a congressional investigation into Hunter if the GOP wins control of the House later this year, revealed that Hunter and his uncle Jim have ‘had over 150’ SARs.

Comer told Fox News that he asked the White House for the documents but it refused unless Democrat lawmakers signed on to the request too.


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