Devil Hotelier Who Held Woman Captive For 4 Days Raped And Filmed Her Sexual Abuse

Devil: Paul Leonard Harris

A rapist hotelier who held a woman captive at a riverside bed and breakfast and subjected her to 'harrowing' sexual abuse has had his sentence extended by more than three years.

Hotel manager Paul Leonard Harris, 36, held his terrified victim against her will for four days at the Middle Aston House in Oxfordshire - where he worked in April 2019.

During those four days he degraded his victim, forcing her to strip naked in front of a camera.

The sex terrorist also forced her to perform sex acts on herself and tied a belt around her neck and ordered her to crawl across the floor 'like a dog'.

He later raped his victim in the laundry cupboard on the site of the 55-bedroom countryside retreat.

Harris' victim managed to escape her captivity, which she described as 'like being in a horror movie', by fleeing across fields and over barbed wire fences.

After being arrested by the police the diabolical white brute said he had 'turned into a devil' following an altercation with his victim.

In December last year he was sentenced to almost nine years in prison after admitting false imprisonment and rape.

But a few days ago a judge at the Court of Appeal in London increased his jail term to 12 years, after finding the the original sentence to be unduly lenient.

Speaking after the hearing, the Solicitor General, Alex Chalk QC MP, said: 'The victim in this case was subjected to a harrowing ordeal, mistreated and abused by Harris.

'I had no hesitation in referring his sentence to the Court of Appeal as I believed it to be unduly lenient when looking at the seriousness of his crimes in totality.

'I am glad that today the Court agreed and increased this man's sentence.

A court previously heard how Harris, 36, held the woman against her will for four days at the hotel.

Prosecutors told a court how he had become 'enraged' with his victim after learning of her sexual history from screenshots on her phone.

He then dragged her into the staff flat where he was living at the hotel, located around 10 miles west of Bicester, where she 'scratched' his neck.

Harris later told police this had made him lose his temper and he had 'turned into a devil'.

He rang in sick the next day and remained in the flat, keeping his victim there captive.

During that time he filmed her sobbing in fear as she was forced to perform sex acts on herself using a vibrator and the neck of a glass bottle.

He filmed the abuse, prosecutors told a court. The white monster also raped his victim in a laundry cupboard adjacent to the flat.

In a bid to 'appease' Harris, the woman claimed her previous sexual encounters with other men were incidents of rape.

Harris made his victim call the police to report the incidents to police, who agreed to meet her. She planned to tell the officers what was going on with Harris.

But when they did not turn up at the agreed time, the victim instead attempted to flee, running across field and over barbed wire fences to get to safety.

Harris eventually pleaded guilty and was convicted of false imprisonment, three counts of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent, and of rape.

In Harris' original sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC said: 'She pleaded with you not to make her do these things and you insisted under threats to her that she did.

'It was utterly degrading and truly appalling behavior by you.'

Speaking after the sentencing, officer in the case Det Con Samantha Hunter told the Oxford Mail: 'I would like to pay tribute to the victim for having the courage to come forward and speaking out against her abuser as well as giving evidence that led to his conviction.

'We work tirelessly to bring offenders to justice and Harris will now serve time in prison as a result of his appalling crimes.'

She added: 'If you have been a victim of any type of sexual abuse, please do report it.

'If you are in immediate danger please call 999, if you wish to make a report then you can call 101 or you can report online.'


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