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Diabolical Brute Sentenced For The Murder Of His Girlfriend's 27-Days-Old Infant

Devil: Thomas Weatherholt

A Traverse City brute was sentenced Thursday following the death of his girlfriend's infant daughter.

Thomas Weatherholt, 22 , was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison and a maximum of 70 years, with credit for 189 days served.

According to court records, the 3.5 week-old baby was sleeping at a home in East Bay Township, when the white devil took her outside and abused her.

Havana was taken to Devos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids with a broken rib and fractured skull, along with other injuries.

She died two days later, at just 27 days old.

Today, the courtroom was filled with tears, except from the ruthless monster who chose not to speak at all.

His attorney read a letter on his behalf, which the prosecutor says was the first sign of any kind of remorse.

Before giving the sentence, the judge pointed out there is no way to understand this kind of crime.

"The baby was asleep, comfortable, creating no problems at all," said Honorable Thomas G. Power. "[Weatherholt] wasn't caring for the child, the child wasn't crying or being fussy or being difficult, so you can't even understand how he could be upset about this - it really comes down to being a killing."

The lying pile of excrement claims he doesn't remember what happened the night of the crime.

Last month, he pleaded no contest to a second-degree murder charge and possessing jail contraband.


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