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Diabolical Dad Sentenced After Rubbing Hot Sauce, Cayenne Pepper In Infant Daughter's Eyes

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Shawn Michael Foltz the child abuser
Devil: Shawn Michael Foltz

A diabolical Minnesota father was sentenced for felony assault conviction after rubbing hot sauce and cayenne pepper into the eyes of his then 2-month-old daughter.

Shawn Michael Foltz, 42, also was accused of blocking his daughter's airway until she turned blue, and also snapping a towel at her eyes and head.

The devil was sentenced to 30 months -- 20 of which he must spend in prison. He will get credit for already serving 429 days in jail.

"I felt like I did not know the man I was married to," said Belinda Bailer, the girl's mother, told WDAY.

Bailer said her 4-year-old son now sees a therapist because he witnessed the some of the assaults.

The monster told police that while he was at work, he would think of ways to harm his daughter. He also had used a wooden spoon to hit her on the bottom after he grew frustrated with her crying.

Source: https://www.wyff4.com/article/man-sentenced-after-rubbing-hot-sauce-cayenne-pepper-in-infant-daughters-eyes/22697549

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