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Diabolical Elementary School Teacher Guilty Of Child Sex Crimes

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Shameless Devil: Ronald Guier

A diabolical Roosevelt Elementary preschool teacher will spend the next twenty years in prison for sexually abusing a child for years.

41-year-old Ronald Guier was sentenced Monday after confessing and pleading guilty last year to charges of child molestation, incest and child rape.

The child he abused was not a student.

The child rapist’s sentence is above the standard range for his crimes, but Judge Deborah Garrett found his actions and the fact that the boy was mentally vulnerable called for a longer prison term.

Once released, the homosexual/pedophile must stay away from the victim and areas where children congregate.

Source: https://kgmi.com/news/007700-former-preschool-teacher-guilty-of-child-sex-crimes/?fbclid=IwAR3XDCxo5qs60aFXM_UZN5hYFS024S0rkYymcWhUPcLY17IERuKz1b7uG-I

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