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Diabolical Pale Naturopath Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Two Women

*Hat Tip: Bella

Devil: Nicolas Agapiadis

A Montreal naturopath who sexually assaulted two people he knew is facing the possibility of being sent to a federal penitentiary while he undergoes chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Nicolas Agapiadis, 57, was unable to be at the Montreal courthouse on Friday when he was convicted of two counts of sexual assault involving two different women. Both of the victims were sexually assaulted under bizarre circumstances as the sex demon claimed he was trying to heal them. In one case he told the victim his “good sperm” would help her in her efforts to get pregnant. But at the same time, he told the woman not to worry about how he had ejaculated inside her when he raped her, because “it was ‘healing-type’ sperm, not the reproductive type.”

The quote is from a 65-page decision delivered by Quebec Court Judge Dennis Galiatsatos on Friday. The judge was informed by defence lawyer George Calaritis that the sex terrorist could not be present in court because of his poor health. The attorney said the rapist was supposed to have already begun chemotherapy, but those plans changed after he had a coughing fit, was tested for COVID-19 and was transferred to a different hospital. Calaritis said his client is now supposed to start receiving daily chemotherapy treatments later this month.

Prosecutor Annabelle Sheppard said she had planned to request that a pre-sentencing report be prepared to provide Galiatsatos with a portrait of who Agapiadis is, but she changed those plans because of his poor health.

“And I think you have gotten to know what kind of person he is from this trial,” Sheppard told the judge, adding she plans to ask that Agapiadis be sentenced to a “penitentiary term,” which means at least a two-year prison term.

Galiatsatos said the case boiled down to the testimony from the two women, who did not know each other, and the version of events provided by the rapist and his son when the accused presented his defense.

“The court rejects the accused’s testimony on account of it being replete with unrealistic and incoherent assertions,” Galiatsatos wrote. “The accused’s version evolved significantly between (the first part of his testimony) and his cross-examination. Moreover, as the cross-examination progressed, many responses also morphed in an obvious attempt to justify answers that he perceived as unfavourable.”

The first victim to be sexually assaulted was a 20-year-old woman who had just begun working at a restaurant the rapist owned in Old Montreal. On June 23, 2014, after the woman had been working as a waitress there for three weeks, the sex bandit told her he had “enough time to study and observe her” and invited her to an office above the restaurant for a naturopath treatment.

Once upstairs, the sex criminal began massaging the woman under her clothing and touched her breast and groin while explaining his “sperm theory.” He claimed “bad sperm” had caused bumps to develop on the woman’s chest and groin. The woman testified she repeatedly asked her boss to stop touching her in a sexual manner, but he continued. She said the white devil suddenly sat on top of her while she laid on a massage table.

He pinned down her legs and pulled down her panties but, fortunately, was interrupted when his son knocked on the door to his office. The woman managed to leave, but not before the rapist suggested she needed more “sessions” in the future. The woman called her mother when she got home and filed a complaint with the Montreal police the following day.

The other woman said she was raped by the white monster on Nov. 24, 2015. She testified she first met him during the spring of 2015 when she went to his restaurant. She told the pale brute she was worried she would not be able to conceive a child with her boyfriend. He convinced her to pay him $6,000 for naturopathy treatments.

He told the woman she was experiencing health problems because of “years of not having received good-quality sperm.” And after he raped her, despite having been told to stop, he claimed it was OK because his “sperm would not get her pregnant, since he had programmed it. It was ‘healing-type’ sperm, not the reproductive type.”

Galiatsatos will hear sentencing arguments in December.


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