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Diabolical Pervert Charged With Putting Semen In Colleague's Drink

*Hat Tip: Stephen S.

Robert Tyson puts semen in colleagues drink
Devil: Robert Tyson

A fair devil has been charged with putting semen into a female colleague’s drink following a row at work.

The unnamed woman claims Robert Tyson, 62, added cumshots to her mug twice at a dermatology centre in Florida, according to reports.

The terrorist, who denies the charges, is said to have targeted the Tallahassee office manager after a row between the pair.

The 37-year-old woman told police she was drinking water from a mug on July 2 when she “became aware of a distinct taste and smell”.

When she looked closer she saw “a white coloured mucus substance floating atop the water.”

She claims semen had been poured into her mug when she left her desk unattended.

The woman also claims a similar incident occurred a week earlier on June 26 when she noticed “a strange taste” and the same white-coloured fluid in her drink.

CCTV footage taken on July 2 appears to show the diabolical jizz bandit go into her office with what looks like a specimen container bottle and pour the contents into the mug.

Footage from June 26 appears to show similar events with the demon pouring something into her mug before quickly leaving.

Police say the pair had previously argued over her management style and had written a number of letters to both her and her superiors “indicating he was not satisfied with her management style.”

According to reports, Tyson provided a “letter of admission of guilt and a plea to end this matter quickly” in an email to the company’s HR manager on July 4.

In the letter he wrote: “I put a couple of drops of semen in her water. Yes, semen.

"Why semen? Why put anything at all in there? I-DO-NOT-KNOW!!! I-JUST-DO-NOT-KNOW!!!”

Police said his confession related solely to the July 2 incident.

He is lost his job last month and is due to appear in court on September 5.


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