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Diabolical Sunday School Teacher Raped 7-Year-Old Student In Church

Jonathan Young the child rapist
Devil: Jonathan Young

A diabolical Sunday school teacher savagely raped a seven year-old girl in the church where he worked.

Jonathan Young, 34, is accused of sexually terrorizing a seven year-old girl who attended the Firstborn Baptist Church in Benson, NC.

That victim, who is now 19, told investigators that the sex attacks continued for eight years, until she turned 15.

The child rapist is further accused of abusing two other girls, with his evil crimes spanning between 2003 and 2014. He was first probed over the claims in 2014, but investigators were unable to find sufficient evidence to charge him.

But that changed recently when multiple females who say they were abused by the pedophile came forward, allowing sheriff’s deputies to build a case againsr him. Other worshippers at Firstborn further allege that church leaders knew what was going on, but did nothing to stop it. A father who says two of his daughters were abused by Young told reporters that he had complained to Pastor Durwood Young about what was going on last July.

He said: ‘I went to him on July 20, 2017 and told him who it was and what my youngest daughter said he had done to her. ‘We’ve been betrayed. We’ve experienced the utmost betrayal. Our hearts are crushed.’ Pastor Young insisted there was no cover-up, saying: ‘I’m heartbroken by it all because it’s unbelievable. ‘I hate if anyone is hurt on either side but the young man is ruined now. I hate it and I don’t know what else to say about it.’ He claimed the pedophile was a ‘model employee’. The sex terrorist was arrested Tuesday and is being held at Johnson County Jail on charges including six charges of first-degree rape of a child and three charges of statutory rape.

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/04/sunday-school-teacher-raped-seven-year-old-student-church-7683812/

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