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Evil Honkstress Who Fatally Stabbed Boyfriend 39 Times During Sex Game Freed From Prison

*Hat Tip: Kevin D.

Devil: Anastazia Schmid

An ugly witch Indiana who was convicted of fatally stabbing her boyfriend during a sex game more than 18 years ago was released from prison on Tuesday, a report said.

Anastazia Schmid, now 45, butchered boyfriend Tony Heathcote during what was intended to be a consensual sex game in March 4, 2001, by stabbing him 39 times, according to the Lafayette Journal & Courier.

During a hearing on Monday, the diabolical honkstress took responsibility for the killing.

“She apologized to the victim’s family,” Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Patrick Harrington said.

Heathcote was blindfolded and restrained as part of the game and the bitch went into a psychotic break from reality when she stabbed him, according to a US District Court.

During the attack, the savaid heard a voice telling her that Heathcote was evil and needed to be eliminated.

The bitch was released Tuesday morning from Tippecanoe County Prosecutor. She will be on parole for two years.

Prosecutors said that the pasty bitch took prison programs to obtain a bachelors degree.


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