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Evil White Couple From West Alabama Charged With Sexual Abuse Of Their Young Children

Devils: Matthew Hinton and Kersey Hinton

A west Alabama couple is accused of both physically and sexually abusing their two young children.

Hale County authorities on Friday announced the arrests of Matthew Hinton, 35, and Kersey Hinton, 39, both of Havana. Matthew Hinton is charged with aggravated child abuse and child abuse. Kersey Hinton is charged with first-degree rape of a child, sex abuse of a child and child abuse.

The arrests culminated an investigation by the Hale County Sheriff’s Office, the Alabama Department of Human Resources and Fourth Judicial Task Force.

Charging documents allege one of the children, a boy under of the age of 6, had food withheld from him, was not allowed to use the bathroom when needed and was forced to stand in one place for lengthy periods of time.

Kersey Hinton, according to records, is accused of trying to have sex with one of the young male victims as well as watching pornography with him in bed and sexually assaulting him.

The evil inbreds were booked into the Hale County Jail. Matthew Hinton’s bond is set at $75,000. Kersey Hinton’s bond is set at $180,000.

Hale County District Attorney Michael Jackson said the children are now in the custody of DHR.

Source: https://www.al.com/news/tuscaloosa/2020/07/west-alabama-couple-charged-with-physical-sexual-abuse-of-their-young-children.html

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