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Evil White Duo Accused Of Sexually Abusing Young Children Advertised Themselves As Babysitters

*Hat Tip: Phillip King

Devils: Brooke Schmitz and Donovan Williams

Two white people running a babysitting service out of their home are accused of sexually abusing several young children and filming at least one of the incidents.

Brooke Schmitz, 22, and Donovan Williams, 23, were arrested by Greenville County Police in South Carolina, US, after officers received a tip-off about a disturbing video involving three young children performing sex acts on an adult.

The video was traced to the diabolical white couple’s address in Greenville.

Police have been able to identify one of the children in the video and the location of where the abuse took place, but there are concerns that there may be more incidents, a Greenville County Police Facebook post reveals.

“Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office Internet Crimes against Children Unit (ICAC) received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), which came from social media platform,” the post reads.

“The tip provided a video that had been flagged by the company, containing graphic material involving three young children, roughly 4-5 years of age, performing sex acts on an adult.

“Through evidence available in the video and other resources investigators were able to identify one of the children in the video and learned that the incident took place in Greenville County.

“Investigators were ultimately led to The Aventine Greenville, located at 97 Market Point Drive, where they contacted both Schmitz and Williams, who were believed to be involved in the video.

“Since then, Investigators have learned that the pair have committed criminal sexual conduct on multiple children by way of offering child homecare services to parents in need of a babysitter.”

It was not immediately clear what the relationship between Schmitz and Williams was, although some news outlets are referring to them as a “couple.”

“Investigators have been able to identify and make contact with some of the victims’ parents thus far to notify them of their findings,” police said.

“Investigators believe that these incidents are connected to the child homecare service and fear there may be more victims.”

The pair of pedophiles are being held in the Greenville County Detention Centre on no bond.

They have been charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the first degree.


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