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Evil White Mother Who Waited 2 Months To Report Missing Toddler May Be Executed

Devil: Megan Boswell

A ruthless and diabolical young white mother who waited two months to report her missing toddler could be executed if she is convicted of her daughter's murder.

Megan Boswell's 15-month-old girl Evelyn was last seen alive in December but she was not reported missing until February, reports said.

The infant is believed to have died around the same time that she went missing, the Metro reports.

Her remains were tragically found in a shed by her granddad Tommy in March, who had ultimately reported her disappearance.

The granddad had reportedly become worried after not seeing the baby for a number of weeks.

The baby killer, 18, pleaded not guilty to Evelyn's murder in court in Sullivan county, Tennessee, on Friday.

Prosecutors are considering whether to push for the witch to be executed or whether the sentence should be life behind bars if she is convicted of the killing, a court heard.

The decision will be made at the next court hearing in December.

It remains unknown how the toddler was killed or what the motive was for the murder.

But investigators believe the fair devil killed her daughter by abusing or neglecting her, a court heard.

The mother form hell has also denied abuse of a corpse and denied claims she moved the toddler's body after her death.

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/mum-18-who-waited-2-22601673

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