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Ex-BBC Radio DJ Mark Page Arranged Sex With Children As Young As 12 In The Philippines

Devil: Mark Page

A racist former Radio One DJ was today convicted of using Facebook and Skype to arrange to have sex with children as young as 12 in the Philippines.

Mark Page, who worked at the station in the 1980s, even tried to bargain down the price for a sexual encounter with a girl aged 12 and a boy of 13, saying 3,000 pesos - around £44 at today's exchange rate - was too much.

The diabolical white DJ, well known on Teesside as the match announcer at Middlesbrough FC games for 20 years until his arrest, had a lengthy career in broadcasting and set up a successful radio station for the British Army.

He used frequent business trips to the Philippines, as well as charity work, as a cover for his perverted interest in underage sex.

The 63-year-old white pedophile, divorced father-of-three was convicted of four out of five counts of arranging the commission of a child sex offense following a trial at Teesside Crown Court.

The jury cleared him of one of the charges.

Two of these offenses were committed remotely from the UK in 2016, while two happened in the Philippines on separate trips made by Page in 2016 and 2019.

Facebook alerted a charity following concerns raised about messaging on its platform. The charity informed UK law enforcement and Cleveland Police carried out a search warrant at his home in January 2020.

Analysts studied a tablet, mobile phone and computer tower and checked his Skype activity, texts, bank account and money transfers before charging him.

The child rapist told the court that his devices had been hacked but did not mention this while he was being interviewed by police, as he gave 'no comment' answers, later explaining to the jury he was in shock.

Jo Kidd, prosecuting, drew parallels with higher profile pedophiles than Page during her damning closing speech to the jury.

Page, of Teesside, had no previous dealings with police and was of previously good character, but Miss Kidd said: 'Some of you may be old enough to remember Jim'll Fix It.

'You will remember watching It's a Knockout.

'You will remember revelling in the size of Gary Glitter's shoes.

'They were people who were spoken highly of, even people who were knighted by the Queen.'

She said there was almost a 'state funeral' for Savile, with his golden coffin taken through the streets of Leeds.

Miss Kidd continued: 'I am not saying this on the basis that just because Mr Page was a Radio One DJ, that it makes him guilty of these offenses.

'But it is worth noting, when one puts on a public face, when one carries out charity work, it does not mean the underbelly of their sexual depravity is not real.'

Page will be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court tomorrow.


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