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Former NBA Player Jim Farmer Busted For Trying To Rape A 16-Year-Old

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Devil: Jim Farmer

Former NBA player Jim Farmer was busted for arranging to have sex with a 16-year-old girl for $170, according to a new report.

The typical white savage, 55, a first-round pick in the 1987 NBA draft, was among 16 men arrested as part of a two-day human trafficking sting operation in Tennessee, the Tennessean reported. 

The wretched pedophile linked up with the purported teen through an adult escort advertisement on Oct. 25 and arrived at the predetermined location, where he was arrested, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The Franklin, Tennessee, resident and others were arrested on charges of seeking sex from minors.

He was released on $75,000 bond.

The child rapist was the leading scorer at the University of Alabama before going on to play for Dallas, Utah, Seattle and Philadelphia for over six total seasons. He last played in the NBA in 1994 before launching a country music and modeling career.

Source: https://nypost.com/2019/11/01/former-nba-player-jim-farmer-busted-trying-to-have-sex-with-teen-girl/?utm_source=NYPFacebook&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&sr_share=facebook&utm_medium=SocialFlow&fbclid=IwAR2QdvgYwXwoSJxVatYsg8OXwh_oKDF-P3M5aCz4aDp5uTqE_lssJCxLLXc

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