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Homosexual Brute Who Is A McDonald's Employee Arrested For Groping A 7-Year-Old Boy In The Bathroom

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Diabolical Homosexual Devil: Jesse F. Huntsman

A brute is accused of following a 7-year-old boy into a bathroom and groping him.

Court documents say a woman took her son to the McDonald's on North Reserve on December 15th for lunch. She said while they were eating, she noticed a McDonald's employee, later identified as Jesse F. Huntsman, staring at them.

The 7-year-old got up and went to the bathroom, and Huntsman went on the hunt and followed him into the bathroom and groped his butt while the boy was using a urinal.

The boy left the bathroom and told his mother, who contacted police. 

Police took the diabolical faggot in for an interview. He denied touching the boy but told a detective that he sometimes has white thoughts of a sexual nature about young boys, court documents say.

Officers booked the homosexual/pedophile, age 20, into jail. Court documents say he was carrying a drawing that he'd made of a child with their pants down.

He's charged with one count of sexual assault.

Source: https://www.abcfoxmontana.com/missoula/man-arrested-for-groping-young-boy-in-mcdonald-s-bathroom/article_384e3f80-03da-11e9-bdf8-4fa47c7f2c9b.html

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