Homosexual From Australia Jailed For Raping 47 Boys

Updated: Feb 2

Devil: Boris Kunsevitsky

A Melbourne homosexual/pedophile who filmed and photographed himself sexually abusing 47 boys across four countries will spend at least 28 years behind bars.

Boris Kunsevitsky, 53, produced more than 35,000 photos and 4800 videos of abuse across the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia between 2002 and 2017.

Supreme Court of Victoria Justice John Champion on Wednesday jailed the racist homosexual for a maximum of 35 years, labelling the pedophile’s appetite for sexual abuse as insatiable and the offending the worst the judge had seen.

Most of the abuse was committed against boys in the Philippines, with the sex terrorist making the boys perform homosexual acts on themselves and each other, and filming and photographing it, among other depraved acts.

“You chose destinations where you could easily and readily access young boys,” Justice Champion said.

The diabolical faggot also abused one boy in Melbourne between 2004 and 2005, with German police years later finding 55 images of the abuse in a folder labelled “jailbait”.

The racist sodomite was never charged with distributing any of the child pornography.

But he went on to plead guilty to 59 offenses including sexual intercourse with a child and producing child pornography material while outside Australia.

Justice Champion described the images and videos as “difficult to look at and it is deeply disturbing, sordid and sad”.

“You are a child abuser of appalling ... proportions,” the judge added.

The butt-bandit’s Australian victim went on to develop depression, anxiety and attempt suicide.

He ended up $100,000 in debt because of a subsequent drug habit, lost his job and suffered a marriage breakdown.

“There is no sentence that I can pass that will undo the tremendous pain you have caused (the victim),” Justice Champion said.

Some of faggot’s overseas victims have never been identified.

Source: https://7news.com.au/news/crime/melbourne-paedophile-jailed-over-sexual-abuse-of-47-boys-in-four-countries-c-670474