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Homosexual From Florida Attemps To Get Children To Touch Him Inappropriately

Devil: Arthur Leo Proulx

Police say a Florida homosexual would drink up to 20 beers before bringing children into his home and try to convince them to touch him inappropriately.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office arrested Arthur Leo Proulx, 51, after he made sexual advances towards two boys, ages 6 and 7, multiple times.

WKMG reports the boy's mother allowed her children to go to the sodomite's mobile home in Silver Springs to play or use his computer. However, the boys told their mother they no longer wanted to go after the faggot had made homosexual advances.

The boys told authorities the cock sucker would say things like, "Can I please touch your inappropriate spot?" According to the boys, they refused his request.

The diabolical pedophile admitted to deputies that he would drink 18 to 20 beers before seeing the children and couldn't remember what happened. He went on to imply the boys were probably telling the truth because he has "bad thoughts."

The sex terrorist was arrested on charges of lewd and lascivious conduct.


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