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Homosexual Hair Stylist Secretly Filmed Men In Restroom Due To Sex Starvation

A homosexual hair stylist for the brand ASOS pleaded guilty to voyeurism and must now register as a sex offender because it was found that he secretly filmed men in a restroom due to his “sex drought,” Evening Standard and NewNowNext reported.

Dominic Hendy apparently hid a camera behind toilet paper rolls at his company’s summer party last month to “observe others for sexual gratification.”

Prosecutor Chidi Ikwuakolam said the hidden camera (which was discovered by a cleaner), “showed full-frontal views of people using the toilet and the defendant was identified as the person who placed the camera in the location.”

“He was without sexual contact for a year and felt stressed and was not thinking straight,” Hendy’s lawyer, Alexander Goscimski, said in court. “He has been struggling with anxiety and depression and is on medication.”

He apparently looked around for casual relationships, but didn’t find anything after a breakup, so started coping with a year of celibacy by using drugs like ketamine and crystal meth, which lowered inhibitions, ultimately leading to his idea of setting up the camera.

“He says he now feels quite sick about it and it is something he would never do again, but came about due to his isolation and taking these drugs.”

The pervert must do 150 hours of community service and must register as a sex offender and will be on the list for five years.

Source: https://www.out.com/news-opinion/2018/8/27/hair-stylist-secretly-filmed-guys-restroom-due-sex-starvation

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