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Homosexual Trans Youtuber Charged Over Possession Of Child Sex Abuse Images

*Hat Tip: Kevin D.

Devil: Nelson Christopher Pinder A.K.A.: Kadence Kristine Pinder

A popular white faggot so called transgender YouTube star has been arrested and charged over suspicion that she possessed child pornography while working at a daycare center with her boyfriend.

Kadence Kristine Pinder, formerly Nelson Christopher Pinder, of Sandy, Utah, is charged with 15 second-degree felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor for downloading and possessing more than a hundred child sexual abuse photos. The Utah Attorney General's Office accuses the 24 year-old of having sexual content featuring boys as young as three or four years old.

Pinder's long-time homosexual boyfriend, Marcus Poll Strebel, 29, is also facing 10 second-degree felony counts for the same charge.

Devils: Nelson Christopher Pinder and Marcus Poll Strebel

The investigation began in December 2019 when Google alerted authorities to suspected child pornographic material that was uploaded by the white faggots, according to the probable cause statement. When questioned by investigators about the illegal content found on her electronic devices, Pinder told law enforcement that he thought that the children in the images were over the age of consent. The two maintained in separate interviews that they may have downloaded the content "by accident" while browsing Tumblr for adult pornography.

The couple of sodomites at first agreed to police searching their phones but then later refused, prompting detectives to execute search warrants, ABC4 reported.

Pinder and Strebel both work at a child care center owned by Strebel's mother. Strebel's mother declined to comment on the allegations when reached by phone.

Pinder was also the subject of a previous Division of Child and Family Services investigation into an alleged "hands-on" sexual offense against a child, but the case was dropped for unknown reasons.

Devils: Nelson Christopher Pinder and Marcus Poll Strebel

Before working with children, Pinder was a popular faggot YouTuber who documented his transition in numerous videos that attracted hundreds of thousands of views. He also has an inactive OnlyFans adult content page, although it’s not clear if he had ever uploaded content for subscribers.

In 2017, Pinder made headlines in LGBT media when he said he was raped during a casting session for a gay pornographic project.

Pinder and Strebel are being held at Salt Lake County Jail without bond ahead of their next court hearing, according to inmate records. They are also facing unrelated misdemeanor shoplifting charges.


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