Kenton County Jury Recommends 8 Life Sentences After Convicting Child Rapist

Devil: Joshua Turner

A Kenton County jury took half an hour to convict a white male of raping two young girls Wednesday. Joshua Turner also recorded the sexual assaults on video.

The jury convicted Turner on eight counts including rape and sodomy, according to Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders. The victims were both under 12-years-old.

The pedophile's former girlfriend testified that she checked his cell phone while he was asleep because she thought he was lying to her.

She testified that she found multiple videos of the sex terrorist molesting the girls. She told the jury the sex terrorist babysat the children while their mothers worked.

Police found more videos and hundreds of pictures on that phone. They said they confirmed it was Turner through tattoos seen on the videos. they also found clothing worn by the child rapist and the girls.

Sanders said this case was hard on the jurors.

Attorney Rob Sanders applauded the work and sacrifice of the jurors, saying "It's one thing to hear testimony about a child being sexually assaulted, but having to watch it with your own eyes is a horrifying experience!" Sanders said, "We know jurors sacrificed a piece of themselves by sitting through this case but their sacrifice provided justice for those children and we appreciate their service."

Sanders said the jury recommended this white devil serve eight consecutive life sentences. Turner will be sentenced Sept. 27.


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