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Kentucky Judge Accused Of Having Orgies And Swallowing Gallons Of Semen From Staffers In Courthouse

*Hat Tip: Stephen S.

Devil: Dawn Gentry

A racist Kentucky judge has been hit with nine misconduct charges after being accused of having threesomes with staff in her office and letting employees get drunk on the job.

As has learned, Family Court Judge Dawn Gentry is being investigated by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission after claims she gave preferential treatment to attorneys that succumbed to her sexual demands and donated to her campaigns for re-election.

Accusers told the commission that the White Whore Of Babylon, 38, used the courthouse as a frat house where she regularly had sex with staffers as well as with her pastor-turned-lover, Stephen Penrose. On one occasion, the two had a threesome with Gentry’s secretary in her office.

The commission confirmed that the bitch and Penrose are in a band together, and the hoe gave the guitar player a position as a case specialist in her court despite him having no related experience. According to the judge’s ex-husband, Brian Gentry, the nasty slut and Penrose were involved in an affair while she was still married.

Ugly as fuck

Katherine Schulz — a former staffer who sat on a panel with the harlot for cases about abused children — claimed in an affidavit obtained by The Cincinnati Enquirer that the diabolical judge tried to get Schulz to seduce her husband via Snapchat so she could accuse him of cheating during their divorce war. The shameless bed wench also reportedly asked Schulz to sleep with her and Penrose at a legal conference.

Schulz claimed that when she denied the whore’s advances, their relationship turned sour, and she soon resigned from the panel.

Mike Hummel, who was also on the panel with the queen of whores, said she replaced him with someone who donated four times as much as he did to her re-election campaign.

Accusers also claimed the bitch in heat often flirted with attorneys over Snapchat and allowed employees to drink alcohol in the courthouse.

The Kenton County judge is now waiting for a disciplinary hearing, which is set to take place in the next two to three months. She has denied all allegations of misconduct.


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