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Mayville Teacher's Aide Arrested After Telling Co-Worker Of Sexual Relationship With Student

Devil: Morgan Moore

An Oklahoma teacher’s aide is behind bars, accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student. It happened in the town of Maysville in Garvin County.

Maysville Police Chief Paul Bush said Morgan Moore confided in one of the teachers about an inappropriate relationship with a male student and the teacher went to the authorities.

“She confided to a teacher stating that she had sex with a student. That teacher then told the high school principal and the high school principal in turn called me,” Bush said.

Bush interviewed the white rapist, victim and a witness before arresting 24-year-old Morgan Moore.

Source: https://www.newson6.com/story/614e6ec7ded57d0bf1f75f3e/maysville-teachers-aide-arrested-after-allegedly-telling-coworker-of-sexual-relationship-with-student-

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