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Mother And Boyfriend Arrested After 2-Year-Old Savagely Molested And Beaten To Death

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Jessica Blake Smith and William Ryan Looper
Devils: Jessica Blake Smith and William Ryan Looper

Deputies in South Carolina said they have arrested Jessica Blake Smith and her boyfriend, William Ryan Looper in the beating death of her 2-year-old son.

Deputies said they were dispatched to Country Lane in Clinton Sunday morning. When they arrived, they found the child with “apparent injuries all over his body.”

Laurens County deputies said the child had been “brutally sexually molested” before his death.

“These animals, who are possessed with pure evil, have no place in our society,” Sheriff, Don Reynolds said. “There is no rehabilitation for people this evil. I’m sure God has a place for these broken individuals, as he does for these precious children.”

“Unfortunately, I have had to work many homicide cases over the years, some of which involved children, however this by far the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” Capt. Robert Wilkie said. “This incident brought tears to the eyes of our investigators and what these individuals did to this child is unimaginable."


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