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Mother Teresa's Priest Friend Raped A Boy More Than A Thousand Times All Over The World

Devil: Donald McGuire

An infamous white pedophile priest who was Mother Teresa spiritual adviser raped a young boy more than 1,000 times, a lawsuit claims. The Reverend Donald McGuire reportedly molested Bobby Goldberg from the age of 11, and had the boy travel across the world with him as his ‘protege.’ Goldberg says he was so indoctrinated by the pedophile he offered a character witness for the pervert at a separate sex abuse trial which saw the fiend jailed for 25 years. But the homosexual sex abuse victim says it has taken him until the age of 61 to face-up to the abuse he suffered, with Goldberg filing a lawsuit against the Catholic Church Monday. It details how McGuire, a member of the Jesuit order, inflicted ‘sexual touching, oral copulation and anal penetration’ on Goldberg.

The homosexual/pederast priest, who died behind bars in 2016 aged 86, began grooming Goldberg after randomly meeting him and his disabled sister Debbie in Chicago in 1970. The sodomite priest then offered their impoverished single mother a job, and used that as leverage to force Goldberg into having homo sex with him, the lawsuit says. The pedophile would lock Goldberg in a room for hours if he refused to have sex. And he even made the youngster ‘perform a menu of sexual favors’ on him after Goldberg accidentally damaged his car. Goldberg and his family moved to San Francisco with McGuire in 1976 when he began teaching at the University of San Francisco.

It was during that time he became spiritual adviser to Mother Teresa, the famous missionary nun who was elevated to sainthood by Pope Francis in 2016. So called Saint Teresa even wrote a character reference for the pedophile in 1994 while he was being treated at a residential center, saying: ‘I have confidence and trust in Fr McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry resume as soon as possible.’ Her letter helped allow the butt-bandit to return to ministry, and continue traveling the world with young boys he homosexually abused. Justice finally caught up with the diabolical priest in 2003, when civil lawsuits and a criminal case were mounted against the cock sucker. Mother Teresa’s nuns flooded his court hearing wearing badges saying ‘I support Fr McGuire,’ but he was sentenced to 25 years, and ended up dying behind bars. His abuse is believed to have stretched back to the 1960s, after he was charged with molesting a boy in Austria and Switzerland. Goldberg said that hearing McGuire’s victims testify against him at his criminal trial helped him realize that he had been abused. He said that hearing about the abuse others suffered helped reassure him that he was right to speak out against McGuire. And Goldberg also offered a spiritual reason for speaking out, saying: ‘I have to forgive him, so I can get into heaven.’

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