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Naked Barbarian Accused Of Breaking Into Home And Getting In Bed With Couple

Devil: Christopher Linder

A savage from Georgia has been arrested after police accused him of breaking into a couple’s home then getting cozy with them in bed.

Christopher Linder, 29, was apparently naked when he entered the home, officials told WFXG.

A witness of the incident, Jared McVicker said he was warned by a neighbor that a naked barbarian was near his home but before he was able to take action, authorities arrived.

“You wake up in the middle of the night from a peaceful sleep and you get information like that it throws you into DEFCON 4,” McVicker told the Augusta-based Fox affiliate.

The naked terrorist reportedly did not go down without a fight — he was reportedly maced but continued to jump up and down and charge cops until he was hit with a baton and arrested.

Before being taken into custody, the barbarian reportedly ran into the couple’s home and threw their belongings on the floor before jumping into their bed.

The couple ran to their car, and honked the horn for help after they weren’t able to find their phones.

Officials suspect the terrorist was under the influence of meth.

“The last thing you want to do is have to hurt someone and unless they come in with evil intentions,” McVicker told WFXG. “Like I said at the time, I didn’t think this guy had evil intentions. I just thought he was whacked out of his mind,”

The evil savage has been charged with criminal trespassing, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers and public indecency/incident exposure.

He was jailed facing a $3,300 bond, but Georgia Department of Corrections records reveal he was later released from custody.


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