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Naked White Male Arrested For Walking Down The Street With Just A Clear Plastic Bag Over His Genital

Devil: Michael Boatman

A South Carolina white male has been arrested after deputies say he was caught doing a drug-fueled 'walk of shame' in the nude, with only a clear plastic bag covering his genitals.

Michael Boatman, 41, was observed just after 1am on Thursday ambling down New Cut Road in Spartanburg in his birthday suit, with a marijuana cigarette clutched in his hand.

When questioned by Spartanburg sheriff's deputies at the scene, Boatman said he was doing a 'walk of shame' as a 'penance for cheating on his wife, according to an arrest report cited by The Smoking Gun.

The white terrorist asked the deputies if he could complete his walk, and was told that he could not.

The bare-naked suspect 'referenced Adam and Eve from the bible, stating that he was willing to go to jail for his acts,' according to the arrest documents.

The diabolical pervert also admitted to using methamphetamine prior to embarking on his walk.

At one point during his encounter with the deputies, the wretched pervert made an attempt to flee on foot, but the officers quickly grabbed him, took him to the ground and placed him in handcuffs.

After he was bundled into the back of a patrol vehicle, the penitent husband said he would try to break out of jail, lamented that 'he did not have tomorrow' and asked a deputy to shoot him.

The barbarian was booked into the county jail on charges of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession and resisting police.

The evil savage remained behind bars as of Thursday evening, despite his earlier boasts.

Records indicate that he has a lengthy criminal history, which includes three separate domestic violence convictions.


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