Ogress Raped A Terrified 13-Year-Old Boy And Said "I'm going to prove you're not gay"

Devil: Lucy Hambley

A white single mother raped a 13-year-old boy to prove he wasn't homosexual after plying him with booze and tobacco.

Lucy Hambley, 40, turned a brief friendship into sexual abuse after starting sexualized conversations with the kid who told her he thought he may be a faggot.

A court heard she replied:"I am going to prove you are not gay."

She kissed him without his consent but things then progressed and she led him to a bedroom where she raped him.

Truro Crown Court was told she later led him to a bedroom and removed his lower clothing and stripped naked herself.

Prosecutor Heather Hope said the boy told her to stop but she ignored him and 'rode him for about half an hour'.

The boy said he was scared and she never used contraception and made the boy ejaculate as the sexual abuse became almost daily over a period of nine months between 2018 and 2019.

Miss Hope said: "She asked him to have sex or make love to her. He was just 13 and did not really know what most of those words meant."

The ogress contacted him by phone and showed him nude photos herself which she sent to men on dating websites.

Miss Hope said the abuse happened almost daily for nine months and said the fat bitch would sometimes lock the bedroom door.

One time she placed his hands on her breasts but he tried to remove them but she put his hands back on them.

She refused to get off him until he ejaculated, the court heard.

But neighbors and other people were becoming suspicious and one neighbor complaining about loud music went to a building at 9am one morning and found them both wearing dressing gowns and both had matching love bites on their necks.

He contacted Childline and eventually the victim confessed to his mother and a youth worker that the fat female pedophile had done 'bad things to him'.

Police became involved and took away her duvet for forensic analysis and the boy's semen provided a full DNA profile.

The diabolical fat bitch denied to police any wrong doing but at court she later admitted four charges of sexual activity with a child.

Yesterday the single mother was jailed for a total of seven and a half years.

The boy in a statement said she had 'destroyed me' and felt 'useless, worhtless and stupid'.

He said the trauma never goes away and he has been suicidal as he 'lived in fear for five years'.

Rupert Taylor, defending, said the fat fuck was ashamed of her actions but was 'lonely and unhappy'.

He said she 'allowed her desire to override her good sense'.

Judge Anna Richardson said the child rapist groomed the boy in a breach of trust and said there was a large disparity in their ages.

She said she led him to the bedroom where she 'coached him into intercourse' even though the teenager told her he did not want this as it was wrong.

She was placed on the Sex Offenders register for life and was told she will serve five year behind bars before she can be released on parole licence.

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mum-40-sex-terrified-boy-26960483

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