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Pedophile Spared Jail Because Prison Would Be Difficult For Him

Devil: Kyle Sweet

A white devil who groomed schoolgirls has walked free from prison after a judge heard he had difficult teenage years and he would be ‘harmed’ by a jail sentence. Kyle Sweet, 19, targeted girls between 13 and 14, sending them pictures of his privates, video of himself masturbating and asking them for sexual videos. He was confronted by the mother of the younger victim who reminded him how old her daughter was in a face-to-face confrontation. He was arrested at his home in Blackpool last December but while under investigation he contacted another two girls and was re-arrested in February. The wretched pedophile faced up to 14 years in prison but was given a three-year community order instead after Preston Crown Court heard he had ADHD.

He had been in prison since his second arrest and was pestered for homosexual favours by fellow inmates. Prison guards had tried to protect him, but were not able to do so completely.

Judge Andrew Wooman said: ‘You have pleaded guilty and you are very immature and you have some pretty serious personality problems.

‘You were also 18 when this matter started and you are very immature – an 18 year old in some respects who has to be be seen as if they are under 18. ‘Young people when dealt with by the courts should be considered alongside the welfare of that person and the focus should be on the reform of that person. ‘The amount of time you have already spent in prison will have had a sobering effect, and made you realize your behavior is unacceptable. ‘You are vulnerable in prison and in my view it is now doing you harm, and will now only entrench your anti-social behavior rather than reform it.’ He was warned that he faces being returned to prison if he re-offends.

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