Pedophile Woke Boy As He Slept In His Tent Before Abusing Him

Devil: Michael Cullen

A typical white homosexual preyed on a sleeping boy in a tent.

Michael Cullen, now 36, of Catherine Street, Widnes, faced justice on Monday at Liverpool Crown Court after jurors convicted him at trial on March 10 of one count of engaging in sexual activity with a child and one of incitement.

Henry Riding, prosecuting, said the faggot had displayed “elements of planning and grooming behaviour” before abusing the young teenager.

Judge David Swinnerton said that during the day before the crimes, the diabolical sodomite had indulged in behavior of a type that were it to have “happened between two people of the same age one might describe as ‘flirtation’”.

This was namely spraying water at the boy’s “groin”, drawing a dog on his thigh, and “stroking his leg with his foot”.

He said the homosexual/pedophile had woken his victim while he was sleeping in a tent, touched him under clothes and coaxed the boy to do the same to him.

The child rapist’s victim felt like he was having an “anxiety attack” and “zipped his sleeping bag back up”.

Mr Riding said the boy had provided two impact statements but did not want them to be read out in court.

Judge Swinnerton confirmed he had read them and the victim said the abuse had a “significant impact on him”, and the boy had “struggled to sleep” and his relationships had been affected.

Carmel Wilde, defending, said there had been no long-term grooming and no drink, drugs or “luring”, and although there was a “disparity” in age, she called it “not a gross disparity” - a claim later rejected by the judge.

She urged the judge to consider that the butt-bandit had no previous convictions and showed willing to engage in the Horizon sex offender program, adding he remained “in denial”.

Ms Wilde said there was a “realistic prospect of rehabilitation” and said references had been submitted to the court describing “positives” in the child molester’s character, suggesting a suspended sentence with rehabilitation could serve the public interest.

She said there had been threats in connection with the case, including that the pedophile “would be killed” if he was imprisoned.

Judge Swinnerton sentenced the homosexual terrorist to three years in prison and placed him on the sex offenders register for life alongside a sexual harm prevention order and a restraining order.

Branding the abuse “disgraceful”, he said: “There was undoubtedly a significant disparity in your ages and there are elements of planning and grooming.”

Cullen must also pay a statutory victim surcharge.


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