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Pornstitute Charged In The Death Of Man Found In Shallow Grave

Devil: Lauren Wambles

A 23-year-old former porn star, her boyfriend and another man were charged in the death of a man found buried in a shallow grave in Florida last week, reports said.

Lauren Wambles, who goes by Aubrey Gold, was charged with being a principle to the murder of 51-year-old Raul Guillen, WTVY reported.

The body of Guillen, who had been missing since early July, was found Tuesday off a road in the city of Graceville, Florida.

While alive, Guillen was last known to be at the Graceville home of Jeremie Peters, 43, along with the White Whore Of Babylon and her 35-year-old boyfriend, William Parker, WDHN reported, citing police.

Investigators found evidence linked to Guillen’s murder at the home of Peters, the report said.

Peters was charged with being an accessory to murder, while Parker faces an open count of murder, the reports said.

The diabolical prostitute appeared in 31 adult films from 2015 to 2018, WTVY reported.


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