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Racist Accidentally Shoots His Dick Off

Devil: Makr Anthony Jones

A stupid racist savage from Indiana who accidentally shot himself in the penis and scrotum does not have a handgun license and could face criminal prosecution, police say.

According to cops, Mark Anthony Jones, 46, suffered an “accidental self-inflicted gunshot injury” while walking early Thursday morning in Marion, Indiana (where Jones resides).

During an interview in the emergency room of Marion General Hospital, the now dickless idiot said that he was carrying a Hi-Point 9mm handgun in his waistband when the weapon “began to slip.”

The racist savage said that when he “reached down to adjust” the gun--which was not in a holster--the firearm discharged. “The bullet entered just above his penis and exited his scrotum,” police reported.

Since this racist (seen above) does not possess a state handgun license, investigators will forward the case to the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney for a determination on whether the white devil will face any criminal charges.

The brute, a Marion native, has two felony convictions for narcotics dealing.


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