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Racist Cop Charged With 20 Counts Of Sex Abuse Against Police Dog

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Devil: Terry Yetman

A racist cop from Louisiana is accused of sexually abusing a police dog and over 20,000 people have signed a petition for his prosecution.

According to a statement released from In Defense of Animals, an international organization that protects animals, Terry Yetman is set to appear in court on April 23.

The organization wants the evil dog rapist to get the maximum penalties.

“Thousands of In Defense of Animals supporters were moved by this horrific case and want to see justice done,” Doll Stanley, campaign director for In Defense of Animals, said. “A healthy society protects its innocents: vulnerable children, animals, elderly citizens. Sexual predators must be made to fear the loss of freedom and a stinging financial impact. We call on District Attorney Marvin Schuyler to take zero tolerance stance on beastiality and prosecute Yetman to the fullest if he is found guilty.”

In August 2018, the Louisiana State Police Special Victims Unit launched an investigation into Yetman's perverse animal abuse. Officials discovered electronic evidence of the once decorated Domestic Task Force officer's acts of beastiality with a retired police dog.

The dog fucker turned himself in and was booked into the Bossier County Maximum Correctional Facility. He was charged with 20 felony counts of performing sexual acts with an animal and 24 counts of filming the acts. His bond was set at $350,000 according to the press release.

On Jan. 27, the degenerate appeared in court. His attorney was granted a continuance. The trial date has not been set yet and Yetman remains behind bars.

Louisiana state criminal code 89 Crime Against Nature carries a first offense penalty of a maximum $2,000 fine and/or a five-year prison sentence, psychological evaulation and no contact with animals for a minimum of five years, according to the press release.

A second offense has a penalty of a maximum $25,000 fine and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

Source: https://foxsanantonio.com/news/nation-world/patrolman-charged-with-20-counts-of-sex-abuse-against-police-dog?fbclid=IwAR2bzLn8KwV7BC7dYBtySNhVrMnR52pkFV5BKG6W4SE1ExuOJvSlCaKbiVM

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