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Racist Cop Who Sexually Abused An 8-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To 25 Life Sentences

Devil: Bret Theil

A child sex abuse victim came face-to-face with her attacker in court as he was handed down 25 life sentences to run concurrently.    

Ex-Las Vegas police officer Bret Theil, 39, was found guilty of 28 counts of charges including sexual assault, lewdness with a child, child abuse and kidnapping.

The terrorist was accused of sexually abusing a woman, now 21, from the age of 8 to 18 in Nevada.

She said that during the first sexual assault, the ruthless pedophile brought her to a friend’s house and took her into a downstairs bathroom. 

In subsequent assaults, she said, he tied her to a bench, blindfolded her and hit her with a whip.

Prosecutors say the diabolical white savage forced the girl into more than 50 sexual encounters. 

Police records revealed the child rapist often used police issued handcuffs and secured the girl to a bed as he yelled at her. He then would force her to do sex acts, 3 News Las Vegas reported. 

After the indictment, the bald monster was suspended from the Metropolitan Police Department without pay pending the result of the trial.

His victim spoke of the harrowing impact the abuse had on her as the child molester calmly observed her in the courtroom before sentencing.

She said: 'I was turned into a human pet. With my voice silenced and my pride kept under wraps.

The victim said she still lives with the nightmare of the white savage physically and emotionally hurting her.

'I have to live with it for the rest of my life. I can't count the nights I spent sobbing, scratching at my skin,' the victim said.

The pedophile's defense attorney Craig Mueller told District Court Judge Stefany Miley all the charges against his client were a lie and maintained the sex terrorist was an innocent man.

'She's lying. She has been lying. These accusations did not happen at any time. Any man can be accused by a woman and if the jury believes then he loses his life,' Mueller said.  

Judge Miley sentenced the barbarian to life in prison on 28 counts of sexual assault, kidnapping and child abuse. The former metro police officer stood still with no reaction.

Due to the structure of the sentencing, the white devil would be eligible for parole in 2412.

Back in February, Prosecutor Stacey Kollins said the woman had nothing to gain from making the allegations, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.  

'There’s no pot of gold at the end of the sexual assault rainbow,' Kollins said in closing arguments Tuesday.

After the verdict, Kollins said she believed the jury made the right decision. 'The jury got it right, and they heard the victim’s voice,' she said.

Kollins argued that the child rapist was a flight risk because of the gravity of his convictions and his prior standoff. District Judge Eric Johnson, who filled in for Miley on Thursday, agreed, and the pervert was remanded into custody.


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