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Racist Okaloosa Deputy Went From A Decorated Veteran To An Evil Nasty Child Predator

Devil: Cansas Sadler Jr.

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd describes a former Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy as “an evil, mean, nasty human being”.

According to an arrest report, for Okaloosa County Deputy Cansas Sadler, Jr. was arrested Wednesday on multiple criminal felony counts for trying to lure a 9-year-old girl to have sex.

Sheriff Judd said the racist pedophile is a retired Army Ranger and trainer. He added he was a rookie with the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department, and was still on probation.

Documents reveal the 41-year-old deputy met the 9-year-old on an interactive video game called “The Wolf’, but he introduced himself as an 11-year-old girl name “Jade”.

In a news conference today, Polk County Sheriff said the 9-year-old was interacting on the game as if she was 11-years-old as well.

Sheriff Judd said “Jade” told the 9-year-old victim that she had been having sex with her dad’s friend “Jason”, and she wanted to introduce the 9-year-old to him.

The Sheriff said all along both Jade and Jason were actually the dibaolical child rapist. According to documents, the conversation moved from chat session on the video game “The Wolf” to a “TextNow” app.

Sheriff Judd said it’s sad that 41-year-old Salder began grooming the 9-year-old girl, and went from a decorated veteran to a child predator.

“He went from a decorated war hero to the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department, and from there we determined what his inner soul really is and that is to be child predator”, Sheriff Judd said.

The Polk County Sheriff said the Okaloosa Deputy had the young girl send photos of herself and her actual address.

It wasn’t until the 9-year-old’s older sister alert their mother, and she alerted Polk County, Judd said.

The racist sex criminal is facing criminal charges in Okaloosa and Polk County. He was fired from the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office yesterday, a report stated.

The Polk County Sheriff’s commended the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office for their hard work.

The Crestview and Fort Walton Police Departments also assisted in the case, as well as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Source: https://weartv.com/news/local/former-okaloosa-deputy-described-as-evil-mean-nasty-human-being

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