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Racist Pedophile Repeatedly Rapes A 8-Year-Old

Devil: Sylvain Villemaire

Claudie * was 8 years old when she became Sylvain Villemaire’s “wife”. Uprooted and vulnerable, the girl was subjected to sexual abuse for three years. A story bordering on bearable told with courage by the victim Monday at the human trafficking trial of the former psychoeducator of Montreal-North.

“He pulled my hair and put me to bed. He told me my mother sold me, ”the victim, now 13, told the court. With disconcerting detachment, the teenager described in detail Monday the sexual assaults suffered at the hands of Sylvain Villemaire from 2015 to 2018 in Montreal. A testimony particularly difficult to hear.

The 59-year-old Montrealer, who defends himself alone, is on trial for trafficking in minors, a crime often described as modern slavery, punishable by severe jail time. Note that a publication ban protects the identity of the victim and prevents us from reporting certain crucial facts of the case.

At the opening of his trial on Monday, the ruthless child rapist pleaded guilty to four counts, including possession of child pornography, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching of a child. The pedophile thus admits having sexually assaulted Claudie dozens of times. He was then in “a position of trust and authority” at that time, said Crown Attorney Mr.e Amélie Rivard.

The pale child molester also had more than 8,000 photos and 95 videos of child pornography showing girls aged 5 to 15 in a sexual context with adults. The accused had a double life, since he worked for more than 15 years with dropouts and young people in difficulty at Calixa-Lavallée high school, in east Montreal.

At only 8 years old, Claudie had to satisfy the sexual needs of her tormentor, sometimes up to four times a week, she said. The teenager was testifying in another room of the courthouse so as not to meet the white devil. She was thus to be “the wife of Mr. Sylvain”, she sums up. Often, the evil white barbarian would ask her to drink a mixture of “7 Up and alcohol” and to watch child pornography videos with him.

Over the years, the pedophile has subjected the girl to increasingly terrible sexual abuse. A theater of horror described with impassivity by the adolescent.

One night, according to the victim, an adult woman invited by the sex terrorist even joined in the sexual assault. “I hated him,” she confides at the end of her testimony.

Despite her refusals, Claudie was trapped, since her mother asked her to “continue” to submit to the sex terrorist. “I was a little upset. I had to do whatever he said, ”she says. Her executioner has already threatened to “bring” her back to her country of origin. “I was afraid to go,” she says. A fear confided in a letter found by the police at racist pedophile’s home.

“I know I must be your wife and your mistress […], I would do my best to do it with love. Please, I don’t want to go to Africa, it will be a great pleasure for me and for you that I am your wife and your mistress ”, indicates the letter, which had been read during the investigation into the surrender. freedom.

Two years after the arrest of the racist former psychoeducator, Claudie says she wants to turn the page on her past. “I just want to forget what happened and move on,” she blurted.

The cross-examination of the girl begins Tuesday before Judge Pierre Labelle. Me Stephen Angers acts as a friend of the court for the accused, detained since his arrest in 2018. The trial is scheduled to last three weeks.

Source: https://www.en24news.com/2020/09/he-told-me-that-my-mother-had-sold-me.html

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