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Racist Sex Terrorist Rapes A 7-Year-Old African Child

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Devil: Nicholas Ninow

The name and picture of the diabolical 20-year-old Dros rapist has been made public. Now a video of the a racist devil drenched in blood is doing rounds on social media.

Nicholas Ninow from Pretoria East Lynnwood, savagely raped a seven-year-old at a Dros Silverton restaurant in their bathroom on Saturday.

It is reported that the 20-year old stalked the non-white minor while in the play area and waited for her to go to the toilet where he followed her and dragged her to the men’s room where the crime took place.

The girl was reportedly bleeding when the police arrived at the scene.

The child rapist appeared in the Pretoria Magistrates Court on Tuesday but the case was postponed to October 2 for further investigation and the racist sex terrorist will remain in custody.

He appeared to have been beaten badly, and had a split ear as he was allegedly beaten up when Dros management locked him in the toilet to avoid mob justice. The racist savage can be seen in the video being completely naked but covering his genitals with his clothes fisted up in his hands. His chest is covered in blood.

The mother of the girl who was raped can be heard screaming and crying in the video.

Source: http://thedailypost.co.za/watch-shocking-video-of-alleged-dros-rapist-caught-red-handed/

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