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Racist Terrorist Accused Of Forcing Woman To Perform Sex Acts On 20 Men And Bathe In Bleach

Devil: John Chess Foster

A Cantonment terrorist accused of forcing a woman to perform sexual acts on several men was arrested Saturday.

An Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrest report says 50-year-old John Chess Foster, for the last three years, has facilitated sexual encounters between the woman and more than 20 different men. The report says while on meth, the diabolical white terrorist forced the woman to sit naked, and then told her what sexual acts to perform on the men. She would later be forced to take a bathe in bleach, according to the report.

Deputies detail in the report a mentally and physically abusive relationship between the terrorist and the woman.

The terrorist was charged with sex trafficking, sexual battery, false imprisonment and three counts of battery. He is being held in the Escambia County jail without bond.


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