Racist Terrorist Strangled His Black Girlfriend Then Lived With Her Mutilated Corpse For 7 Months

Racist Devil: Matthew Lewinski

A racist/white supremacist from Michigan man strangled his girlfriend during a fight then lived with her mutilated corpse for seven months until his sister found her body.

Matthew Lewinski, 37, admitted to cops he strangled his non-white girlfriend Jerri Winters at his home in Clinton Township near Detroit in December 2020 when the couple got into a fight, the Macomb Daily reported.

Winters was killed in the living room of Lewinski's 1,000-square-foot Crosswinds Condominiums unit last year, Assistant Macomb Prosecutor Sian Hengeveld said.

However, her body was moved to the basement of the home where it remained until it was found on top of a tarp by racist brute's sister - who called police.

Neighbors told the Macomb Daily they had smelled a stench coming from the home in the past several months but just assumed it came from a dead animal.

'I've smelled it for a while. I would run from my car,' said neighbor Jacqueline, who added that she would have to cover her face with her shirt when entering her home.

'A guy said maybe he needs to clean up his house. But I said that is not cleaning house, that is something dead.'

Hengeveld called it 'a very gruesome case' and told the Macomb Daily that the diabolical racist beast removed 'large portions of her skin from her back.'

The prosecutor said the racist killer and Winters, who were dating, had lived together but she moved out last November.

Jacqueline recounted to the Macomb Daily that the racist/terrorist had told her Winters was abusive toward him.

'If the bitch comes back, I won't let her in,' the racist/terrorist said, according to Jacqueline.

Jerri Winters with the diabolical white brute that killed her

But Winters moved back in a month later, Hengeveld told Macomb Daily.

Other neighbors said that Winters and the racist/terrorist often argued, particularly about money and bills.

The diabolical white brute describes himself as a 'work in progress trying to accept help from others when the people who are supposed to fail,' according to his Facebook account uncovered by DailyMail.com.

A family friend of the evil killer told reporters that they were still in shock and 'disgusted' after finding out about the arrest.

A Facebook account for Winters showed that she went by the name Courtney, which was confirmed to reporters by the family friend.

Photos posted to her account just months before her death showed the ungodly couple smiling. Winters and and the beast were engaged last August.

Reporters has reached out to Hengeveld and the Clinton Township Police Department - as well as a public defender listed for the racist monster in court records - for more information and additional comment.

Macomb County Jail records show the racist murderer was booked on July 30, and he is being held on charges including first-degree premeditated murder, disinterment and mutilation of a body, and concealing the death of an individual.

He was arraigned Friday in Clinton Township District Court.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9866497/Prosecutors-Suspect-lived-dead-girlfriend-months.html?ito=facebook_share_article-masthead

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